Using technologies based on the IoT and 5G, our telecom software is supporting digital transformation in dozens of industries.


Using technologies based on the IoT and 5G, our telecom software is supporting digital transformation in dozens of industries.

Digital transformation in the telecommunications sector

Telecommunications service providers are emerging from the world of consumer connectivity to businesses and ecosystems, and providing a wide portfolio of services combining connectivity with digital content, professional services and devices. This change in the market imperatives require the telecom companies to reinvent business processes and the underlying systems.

Advanced connectivity

Network evolution helps you support other industries in reinventing business processes. However, you must deploy and operate telecom networks as efficiently as possible while maximising your network’s revenue potential. Combining 5G, the IoT, edge computing, AI, and machine learning technologies enables you to connect and monetize a sensor-based world.

Monetization of new business models

Commoditization of basic communication services means that you need to diversify your revenue streams. With a combination of flexible consumption and innovative business models, you can achieve revenue stream diversification by transforming into a digital life provider, data broker, digital transformation enabler, or cloud service provider.

Hyperfocus on the customer experience

To compete effectively in the digital economy, you must deliver a highly personalised and fully digitalised experience across multiple channels, including brick and mortar stores, online touch points, call centres, and social communities. Tailor-made telecom services and solutions are also crucial if you are to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Structural transformation

The rollout of next-generation networks requires significant expenditure in areas such as 5G and fiber to the X (FTTX). To fund this, you must adapt your asset operation model to become more innovative and collaborative. You can also achieve savings by streamlining the management of telecom equipment using automation and intelligent solutions.

Sustainable growth

Sustainability is a key priority for telcos, beginning with the critical task of promoting the reuse and recycling of mobile phones and other consumer devices. With advanced analytics and technology based on the IoT, you can further optimise energy consumption while accelerating adoption of renewable energy across your network.

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