Thrive in a time of energy transition with utilities management systems that support a sustainable future.


Thrive in a time of energy transition with utilities management systems that support a sustainable future.

Energy management: The heartbeat of a rapidly changing world

From decarbonization to decentralisation, energy companies are facing an
unprecedented number of new challenges – and opportunities.


Energy deregulation

The once-stable energy industry is now being disrupted by new players. Utilities must digitalise their legacy systems or risk losing out to more agile competitors that can leverage DER, decentralised networks, and handle energy at the “grid edge.” By modernizing, traditional providers can diversify their business models and gain new revenue streams.


Distributed energy resources (DER)– including rooftop solar systems, battery storage, and electric vehicle chargers – are owned by prosumers, who expect their utility bill to reflect both the power they use and the power they generate. Now, billing must evolve from merely a means of collection to a point of interaction and customer communication.

Decarbonization challenges

Renewable energy is increasingly affordable and attractive. But as utilities transition into sustainable energy companies, they face new challenges – such as variability in weather-controlled power generation and the impact on demand models. They need accurate, real-time data to efficiently deliver the clean energy that customers are demanding.

Digitalisation: key to resilience

With weather disasters at an all-time high, grid resilience is critical. But energy companies with aging physical assets and paper-based legacy systems can’t leverage innovations that boost reliability – such as smart grids, smart metering, and local energy balancing. What they urgently need is an intelligent, integrated, cloud-based system.

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